Kamtop Plastic mold Co.,Limited. was founded in 2009, we have been a professional plastic injection mold maker for over ten years. This company believes in continual technological advancement and innovation. We will continue to sustain our technological lead through introduction of technology from advanced countries such as the United States and Europe. We also have a professional management team that consist of mold designers, mold manufactures to project services. We select the best cost effective way to save our customer’s money but still high quality, all the tools are of the best quality with a long life span to give our customer’s full satisfaction. KAMTOP’s veteran engineering team will communicate with you in a proffesion fluent English speaking enviroment.


KAMTOP has various high speed milling centers, EDM machines, CNC machines, Precise Wire Cutting Machines and South Korean-Taiwan numerical control equipment.


KAMTOP’s can also provide plastic injection molding for Automotive, Appliances, Medical Instruments, Communicating Equipments, Electronics and much more. Our customers include Faw-Volkswagen, Audi, HP, Toshiba, Nokia and others. We sincerely hope we can accommendate you, to achieve great things together and gain technological lead in the industry as we go forward together to gain a win win for all.